Best cryptocurrency trading platforms

The cryptoland is heating up and an increasing number of newbies are connecting this crypto revolution daily. While a few are from the cryptosphere for the cost, others are inside to the tech, such as the CoinSutra team.

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No matter your reasons to get involved could be, you have to keep in mind that each and every individual excelling in their respective areas was once a newcomer. And from that point on, with the proper tools and self-education, that individual triumphed.

On similar lines, CoinSutra is and needs to be the one-stop alternative for most crypto-related questions if you’re only starting your journey from the cryptoland and allow you to become a proficient at managing cryptocurrencies. 

We’ve been here for well over a year and have done fairly well in reaching out to over two million individuals just like you. And that is the exact same reason I am here today — to let you know about a number of the very best crypto trading websites/exchanges for novices.

As soon as I began, as a newcomer, I was fairly clear on what I needed before picking out a cryptocurrency trading website/exchange. It comprised:

Ease of use and UI

Security of capital

Past performance

Development staff

Geographical Operations Map

Along with this date, I look at them the exact same manner.

Maintaining those parameters in mind, allow me to throw some light onto the top sites to exchange your cryptos.


Binance exchange today requires no introduction as it’s been ruling the crypto marketplace for months.

This market is fantastic for novices and advanced users alike. They also have an inbuilt alternative in their UI to change between the 2 modes, a quality which makes their own UI very user friendly.

Additionally, you’ll never face a liquidity problem whilst utilizing Binance since it ranks in top five trades on CMC by quantity.

Along with this, should you use their native BNB Assets while trading you may have a discount of around 50 percent on your trading charges, and it is a large sum if you are seeking to turn into full-time crypto dealer. The earlier you begin via BNB, the more you’ll save at the longer term.

And the funniest thing which I discovered was that they possess the most innovative and simple to use mobile programs for trading cryptocurrencies on Android in addition to iOS. Download iOS App)


KuCoin is a fantastic crypto market that’s been getting a great deal of traction during the previous 6 months. The grip comes as no surprise given the staff behind it and also an simple to use & navigate UI.

Concerning volume also, it ranks in top 25 deals on CMC and contains a programme where they keep adding fresh coins/tokens in their trade frequently.

Additionally, from a beginners perspective, KuCoin’s native market i.e. KuCoin Shares is very good to HODL since that gives you additional smart passive income in the kind of trade fee.

1 unique thing that lots of novices miss i.e. KuCoin is among those few exchanges which pays you NeoGAS for holding NEO onto it.


Changelly is, undoubtedly, among the simplest to use cryptocurrency exchanges on the industry. Via Changelly, it’s possible to just send 1 money and swap it for a different currency that is supported.

It does not ask that you undergo the boring KYC procedure but it will require one to sign-in together with your email ID.

At present, it supports over 35 cryptocurrencies together with fiat pairs like USD/EUR. Also, It is among the very best and simplest to use exchanges on the market if you’re seeking to purchase cryptocurrencies via debit/credit cards.

Last, Changelly costs a commission fee of 0.5percent on every trade, which can be minimal in trade for the volatility and danger they keep on behalf of the customers.

If you would like to utilize Changelly, go towards CoinSutra’s Cryptocurrency Exchange — Changelly, and follow the actions provided in this manual .


Coinbase is just another popular Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market that someone may utilize for buying/selling cryptos such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

You are able to trace your fiat currency (USD, EUR, GBP etc) to Coinbase and readily collect your cryptocurrencies which you may later draw into a Ledger Nano S or Trezor-like device.

Coinbase also becomes convenient as it lets you purchase cryptocurrencies through credit/debit cards.

5. is just another reputed site to get buying/selling cryptocurrencies for novices since their UI is extremely user friendly and their previous track record was pretty great also.

CEX is a UK-based market and has been working since 2013.

Comparable to Coinbase, you are able to deposit fiat currencies such as EUR, GBP, USD, RUB etc CEX also and buy/sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Stellar, and Ripple.

Concerning liquidity also, they do well, to not forget that their primary traffic is from fiat currencies. (They are in high 35 cryptocurrency market according to CMC).

Their characteristic of allowing users purchase cryptocurrencies through debit/credit card also makes it an simple to use alternative for many novices.


BitMEX market is run be specialist algo dealers, economists and developers and hence is your busiest exchange you’ll discover in the cryptocurrency world class.

What’s more, it provides all of the techniques and tools for innovative as well as novices to begin trading cryptocurrencies.

The enrollment procedure on BitMex is rather simple where you only should enroll through your email ID and their fee structure is also rather simple.


Bitfinex is among the earliest players in the race of crypto exchanges for novices, thanks in part to the popularity of Bitfinex derivatives. It’s similar to Bittrex but unlike it copes in fiat currencies such as USD, EUR & GBP.

Bitfinex consistently has enormous volume one need not be concerned about liquidity whilst purchasing or selling this market since it consistently ranks one of the top 10 on CMC.

In addition to the market UI is clean and contains enough directions on each page which will enable any noob to utilize it economically.

Additionally, to begin on Bitfinex, you want to enroll , confirm your ID, and authenticate yourself. It generally takes 15-20 business days after submitting legitimate ID evidence before you are accepted to the stage.

Last, do take a look at their mobile programs (Android App | iOS App) since they’re great enough to be utilized while trading on the move.

So that you see for novices also lot many alternatives can be found in the crypto-sphere.

Do recall that all these trades are concentrated in character. Thus it’s strictly recommended that you don’t use them since you daily pocket to get HODLing cryptocurrencies for the longer duration. Read this guide to find out more about the dangers of working with a centralized cryptocurrency exchange.