Earn Referum and Buy Games

Earn Referum to Buy PubG Cuphead Rocket League + more

Basically everyday we see a new crypto coin being launched. Most of them are completely useless and not worth to even look at twice but this one is really something else. Or what do you say about the fact that they are working with Twitch AND Steam already? I say that´s awesome!

TLDR: Sign up here and get your 50 first Referum Tokens!

Referum are trying to establish themselves in the sectors of gaming and streaming and they have already come a long way! You can earn Referum Tokens in many different ways and also participate in their big airdrop and contest!

The launch is going great already as they are working with Twitch and Steam, two giants in their respective fields of the gaming community. The best part? You can already buy games for your Referum tokens if you want to!

Usage and Earning

You can earn Referum in many different ways:

  • Join their Discord (1 point/hour)
  • Invite your friends (100 points per signup)
  • Follow on social media (10 points per media)
  • Connect your Twitch to Referum (200 points)
  • Watch streamers on Twitch (1 point/hour)

At the moment you can buy the following games for their tokens:

The idea behind Referum is that You, the gamer, should be making the money of your own gaming, not the big corporations! To achieve this they are looking to create a decentralized affiliate marketplace for gamers.

New updates are released continuously and we will surely see new games within shortly so make sure you sign up to get started! I mean what could be better than buying awesome computer games for cryptos that you got for free?

The competition

To make their launch a real hit they also have a airdrop kind of contest where you can earn Referum tokens while you become eligible for airdrops! You can also win sweet gaming merchandise and more!

So when does this start?

Right now my friend! Welcome in!

Sign up through this link and get your 50 first Referum Points!

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