How I turned 8$ into 880$ in Two Weeks

In the world of cryptos there are many stories about big and fast gains. I have read them in awe and always wished to experience something similar. Finally I have. Now I know, I know that 880$ is not a lot of money but the gains are the thing to focus on IMO.

So let me tell you. I use faucets to get coins that I find interesting. On Coinpot I accumulated some doge coins and for sure, it took me a while.

I also used other faucets and decided to convert it all into Dogecoin. Which I did. I ended up with about 3500 Dogecoins. It took a while to get them and I put a bit of money into it as well.

All in all the Dogecoins I had was worth about 8$.

Then I went on Coinex to look for something interesting. But I was lazy and at the same time I had learnt about staking coins in wallets instead of GPU mining.

So what I did was to select the cheapest possible coin, I did that because that way I got the most possible coins out of my Dogecoins.

Luckily for me XP coin was the cheapest one. I bought around 1.5 million XP for 3500 Dogecoins.

I was happy to stake my coins, I joined their discord-server and I did not think very much more about it. Until all of a sudden when it started increasing a whole lot. And it did not stop.

XP coin has a really good team and they keep delivering new things and most importantly: They work hard to implement real use for it. That is the best way to make a cryptocurrency valuable, make it usable and people will use it.

So far I´ve seen about 11 000% gains in TWO WEEKS and I am amazed. At the moment the price is consolidating which is absolutely normal after such a massive increase in the price.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this little story with you to hopefully inspire you and hopefully one day you can share your story of success with me!

Stay awesome!


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