An Amazing Crypto for Content Creators!

An Amazing Crypto for Content Creators!

Being a blogger and content writer for a few years now I have seen many projects come and go. Who can forget Tsu that promised to be “like Facebook except it´d make you rich by using it?”. It was a good idea for sure but the platform itself was so bad. Luckily there now is an option to combine your passion for creating with cryptos. And you get PAID for using it!

But wait that sounds to good to be true. Well you won´t become a millionaire overnight but if you are persistent and more importantly if you deliver high quality material: You will be earning!

The platform I talk about is Steemit with its Steem coin. Currently ranked as the #32 most traded crypto with a whopping market cap of $468,082,680 US dollars it for sure is a big thing in the world of cryptos.

“Yeah, yeah so how much does it cost me to sign up”? Nothing! Nada! Zip! You do not have to pay to use it!

All you need to do is to register and wait to be confirmed. Then you can login and easily start creating your content.

People then read it use it or whatever you have shared and then they can chose to up vote it. If they do so, you get paid! As I mentioned before, it is not huge amounts of money but if you do it right over a long period of time you surely will see your wallet grow.

And since it is free, what risks are you taking? Spend some time to get familiar with the system and I think you will like it!

I think that it is especially awesome for photographers because you just enter your photo, write a little description, enter a few tags and click post! Boom now it is up to the users to decide whether you get up voted or not.

Why not try it out? You can find the Link here and if you want to connect then visit my profile and follow it! Welcome!

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