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Why You Should NOT Buy Electroneum Until the Release

Disclaimer: This is just one persons advice. Everyone does their own trading and makes their own decisions. It is important to get many sides of a story to be able to evaluate the situation well. Good luck with your trades!

Reading in the different Electroneum groups and seeing what people write made me realize that this post is needed. I do not know if the people posting are straight up stupid or just trying to sabotage for others by giving horrible advice. But telling anyone to buy Electroneum for other than daytrading right now is just plain insanity. I will explain why.

First of let me start by pointing out that I participated in Electroneums ICO. I own Electroneum.

Anyone that tells you to buy Electroneum right now is either one of these things:

  • Incredibly naive and or not very experienced
  • Insecure about how Electroneum will develop
  • Very new to investing and have no idea how the market works
  • Not a very nice person

Electroneums ICO was the biggest in the world so far by number of investors which is great and very bad at the same time. It is great because it reached so many people and got a lot of new people into cryptos.

At the same time it is bad because these people have no clue about how investing, the market or cryptos work. Which is why they are very easily swayed in the wrong direction by evil or clueless people.

Really? But why?

It is really simple IMO.

As of right now there are relatively few ETN available on the market, we all know this because the coins from the ICO have not yet been released.

Already the price has been driven down by the people who have been able to mine ETN and by traders.

When anything drops in value it is because of there being more sold than there is being bought. Easy right? A price is decided by supply and demand.

At the moment the supply is scarce, there are not so many ETN available because the ICO coins are locked up in the wallets that has yet to be released.

Therefore it is very easy for the demand to sometimes be bigger than the supply.

But when the coins from the ICO are released we will see BILLIONS of coins entering the market. If the price has already been driven down by just a million coins then I assume that we both understand that the price will go down once the billions of coins are released.

The supply will be so much incredibly higher than the demand that the price will DROP HARD.

Why will people sell?

To make profits of course. Imagine the rush to sell first when the ICO coins are released, the exchanges will be overrun by people trying to sell their coins first to get their profits. Of course not everyone will be selling but the majority surely will, no matter what some guys on Facebook try to tell you.

Also a lot of people do not understand that the price possibly will drop below 1 cent. The reason for this is that depending on when you bought ETN you got a bonus. The people that bought in the beginning of the ICO got a 50% BONUS this means that they can sell their ETN for around 0.66 cents, which is 0.0066 in dollars, and still break even.

The miners still can sell even lower and still profit from it. So there will be a massive rush to sell Electroneum and the supply of around 6.2 BILLION coins will overwhelm the market. The price WILL CRASH HARD. There is no denying that fact.

Anyone trying to tell you anything differently is probably not giving you the best advice, I would NOT buy ETN right now.

If YOU buy it now you will see the price plummet when the ICO coins are released and YOU will make a huge loss unless you wait a long time. Does it not make a lot more sense to wait for the crash and then buy when the price is lower?

Also a lot of people have lost their faith in the company from how they have handled the launch and people will be looking to sell to move on to other coins that they believe will bring more profit.

Listen, for me it is bad to tell you not to buy because of course I want the price to go up as high as possible so that I can sell my own ETN for a nice profit. But no matter what happens before the release the price will most likely crash when 6.2 BILLION coins are released. No doubt about it.

So if ANYONE tells you to buy ETN right now they are either not looking out for your best interest or does not understand how the market works.

Some might even try to say that “Yeah but I buy it now and hold it for a long time!” Sure that would make some sense if not only for the fact that you can buy it SO MUCH CHEAPER when the price gets dumped. It makes no sense to pay 7 cents for something that will cost less than 1 cent later. I assume you invest to make money not to lose it.

So PLEASE. Do NOT listen to anyone that tells you to buy ETN because it is most likely going to be A VERY BAD DEAL.

If you believe in Electroneum then WAIT until the ICO coins are released and then BUY A LOT when the price is low. But if you buy now all that will happen is that you will have to wait longer to see any kind of profit.

I get frightened when I read the Facebook groups with people trying to pump the coin right now. It is not nice to pump something that will have get dumped in price later on. If they tell you to buy ETN you are best of by blocking them because they have no clue about what they are doing.

None can deny the fact that the supply will OVERWHELM the demand when they are released and you will have plenty of time to buy the ETN at a WAY lower price than now.

I wrote this post for one reason and one reason only, to protect you from losing money. As I said I hold coins from the ICO and I only benefit from you buying the coin which would increase the price. But I have a conscience and if I was new to the market I would have wanted someone to tell me this.

So to anyone that tells people to buy ETN right now: Please think twice and then think again, learn how the market works and stop trying to make people lose money just because you want to make a profit.

Do not get me wrong though: I think Electroneum are about to do something great but it is just not smart to buy it right now. Remember: SUPPLY AND DEMAND.

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15 thoughts on “Why You Should NOT Buy Electroneum Until the Release

  1. While I fully agree with your post – you have a lot of facts wrong.
    First – you were talking about ICO bonuses – 50% bonus doesn’t mean that if you sell at 0.5 cents you break even. What it actually means is that the break even mark is at 0.67 cents. Example – you buy 100 coins for 1 cent. You get a 50% bonus so you get a total 150 coins for 100 cents. If you sell at 0.5 cents a piece you only get back 75 cents out of the 100 you initially invested 😉
    So price wise – people MIGHT go down to 1c but not less than that because they would be close to not getting any profit at all. If you also consider that the BTC price doubled since the ICO – a lot of them would consider the 2c mark point from which than can start making profit.
    Second – you say you have a background in crypto but you seem a bit missinformed about ETN and how it all went. The ICOs have a total of 6.2 Billion coins locked – NOT the whole 21 BILLION. Currently “alive” there are only the 6.2 Bil coins locked plus whatever the miners managed to mine so far – around 300 Million tops. The rest of the 15+ BLN coins are yet to be mined. So there is a whole lot of future ahead of ETN mining.
    Other than that – you’re right – people buying now are crazy. It doesn’t do anything good to the network and ETN credibility when the prices will hit rock bottom in a few days and they will all loose a lot of money by buying today.
    This whole effort would be a lot better spent trying to get the coin back on the rise AFTER the whole release/dumping madness settles down.

    1. You are absolutely correct and I appreciate that you point this out. However the price SURELY will drop below 1 cent just wait and see. People bought for less than that and there is no chance it will stay above 1 cent.

      1. I would guess that most people would sell for a profit and @1 cent there isn’t much of a profit in the first place. Plus – just as you said – this was the greatest ICO when it comes to the amount of people involved not necessary the amount of money raised. That is an interesting fact – because it means most people have NOT invested a lot of money as opposed to other ICOs with the same money raised but way less people ( so higher investment per each guy ). This means that the best part of the 40 mil raised are divided between a looooot of smaller guys – each with 20-30-50-100$. This could mean that it’s unlikely for someone that invested 50-100$ to sell just to have a 10$ profit 😉
        The big whales that invested big are going to be the first to sell but not much profit will be made anyway. Even if the price today is 7+ cents. There simply aren’t that many buy orders ( or money locked into buy orders ) – to sustain a big dump. If this doesn’t change – Price WILL GO DOWN – BADLY – VERY FAST and it will stay there for quite a while until all the guys that invested big – will get their profit. My guess is that the 1.2 – 1.5c would be the sweet spot.

        1. Yes we can just wait and see right now but it is important to give people both sides of the story so that they can make an honest and informed decision.

      2. You seem to be forgetting that Bitcoin has shot up in value since people bought into the ICO. Selling below 2 cents is taking a loss, because had you just held Bitcoin, you would’ve had gains since then.

        1. BTC´s increase in value has nothing to do with ETN:s value. If ETN is valued at 1 cent it will be 1 cent no matter how much Bitcoin changes. I suggest that you read up on how cryptocurrencies work because from your comment it is very clear that you do not understand the pricing at all.

      3. rofl christ man the FUD has completely enveloped you clearly… For many people in the world this is a huge opportunity to level the playing field and get into something that works for trading etc. I get what your saying about the price dropping but apparent bashing that the coin will be worth nothing is nothing short of fucking ridiculous. Make your points and move on you clearly have been burned in the past.

        1. Hi Bob! Thank you for your reply! Please understand that nowhere in the article it says that the coin will be worth nothing. Just that the price will get dumped heavily at the launch. I am not sure if you even read the article or not because I clearly wrote that I believe in ETN long term, just that I would not buy it before the release because it Will be cheaper after the launch than before. And buying something for more than you have to is not really a good investment, do you agree Bob?

  2. +1
    ico investors will sell because actually is a x7 of profit so yeah…this + those billions of coins joining at the market price will drop ofc.. hope people that is buying atm understand that hehe.


  3. From what I remember there was only about 10-20 million $ worth of investment during the bonus period. Most of the money came towards the end and was rapidly picking up pace.

    Considering trading volume is at 3 million + per day I don’t think the drop is going to be as substantial as everyone thinks. I think something between 3-5 cents is realistic.

  4. Hi there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your article seem to be running off the screen in Opera. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know. The layout look great though! Hope you get the problem fixed soon. Kudos

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