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Re-branding and Upcoming Success for Elite Coin (1337 coin)

Getting into a coin early to hold it and to become rich is the dream of many people in the crypto market. For a coin to become successful it needs, among other things, a good and active developer team, correctly done marketing and a strong community. Which brings me to Elite Coin.

Elite Coin just changed it name from 1337 Coin in part of a re-branding but it is still the same team and awesome community behind it, just with a name that looks better.

In my eyes Elite Coin has all of these things. What´s that even better is that it is still in the early days of it´s journey. This means that you can buy a lot of coins cheaply, hold them and then sell them for a nice profit later on.

I previously invested 8$ in XP coin which has turned into about 7000$. I know very well how important it is to join a good project early.

After spending many months in the Elite Coin Discord server I have seen how awesome this team is. They are very helpful and find new ways to get the community active. I´ve also seen the community grow a lot during that time as a result from their hard work.

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As Billie Mays would have said “But wait, there is more”. Have you ever heard of folding? Basically it is a way for you to borrow your computers power to universities and laboratories. By doing so you help them to determine the mechanisms of protein folding, which is the process by which proteins reach their final three-dimensional structure, and to examine the causes of protein misfolding.

Now that might sound like Greek for you but basically what you do is to lend your processing power to help further scientific work. Which is awesome. But what does it have to do with Elite Coin? Well Elite Coin pays you for doing just that, so basically you can mine it through folding which is great.

The main focus of Elite Coin is, as you might understand from the name, gaming. You can earn Elite Coin from streaming on Twitch and many other different ways.

Elite Coin is looking to organize their first tournament later this year and there is talk of that maybe they will make their own Minecraft server. All of this while still furthering the community and the use of the coin.

To me this whole thing looks like a setup for success and they are targeting a very lucrative market. They are also doing it in a very fun and helpful way which not only will influence gaming but it will also further the work of scientists. A big win-win-win because you can earn money from it during the journey!

I really suggest that you read up about it on https://www.1337coin.net/ and more importantly that you join their Discord server to learn more and to become a part of this awesome community.

In their Discord they regularly do rains and soaks to the community, you can see them as mini-airdrops. So stay online and stay active and watch your stack of Elite Coins grow! As you can see below, the value is growing as the community gets bigger, the project goes further along and day by day there is something new!

You can buy Elite Coin on Cryptopia and Coinex

Best of luck! Stay awesome, stay Elite!


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