The Best Bitcoin Faucet

The Best Bitcoin Faucet?

There are a lot of different faucets out there on the internet and the quality varies a lot from faucet to faucet. Some of them are spoiled with adverts or uses your computer to mine without telling you about it. But there are also some great ones and this post is about the one we consider to be the Best Bitcoin Faucet.

TLDR: Click here to visit the faucet

The Best Bitcoin Faucet

So what makes this faucet so great? Well we consider the fact that it is not spoiled with ads and it does not use popups. Also it has many different features that can make you earn a whole lot more than just the Bitcoin you claim from the faucet.

When you claim this faucet it rolls a number from 1 to 10000. If you are lucky enough you can win huge amounts of Bitcoins but that the chance is 1 in 10000.

Here you can see the current rewards, this may vary as the Bitcoin value increases or decreases:

Payouts on The Best Bitcoin Faucet

It is also very easy and fast to claim this faucet and you can it one time every hour. Select the captcha choice that only requires you to write the same text as in the box. That way you can claim it in 1-2 seconds and is a big part of why we think it is the Best Bitcoin Faucet.

Other features

The website also has features for a big lottery, every claim you make gives you tickets to the lottery that is drawn once every week and the rewards can be huge.

You can also use their automatic system to increase your amount of Bitcoin. We do however not think it is very easy to maximize by using that so be careful.

It really is the best Bitcoin faucet and you should really go visit and signup right now to start earning and to have a chance to win in the lotteries.

Click here to visit the faucet

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