Vinnd Airdrop

Now and then I come across an interesting airdrop which I find is actually worth the time to join. Vinnd is one of them and I hope that you can see the potential that it has. By joining an airdrop you are eligible to get coins for performing certain tasks, but most importantly without having to invest your money!

Vinnd wants to help you test your blood! It is easy and fast, you just order your blood test kit and wait for it to arrive in the mail.

Once you have tested your blood you can enter your data into any of the Vinnd mobile/web app and then you receive an evaluation with your results.

Why would you want to do this? To discover any hidden diseases you may have or even problems with your diet.

The positive outcomes are many and you can really find out important information about yourself by using Vinnd.

Using third party apps or services to learn more about your body and state of health is not something new. But you do not need to be first if you do it great or even best!

Diet and exercise is a vital part of how we feel, act and sustain ourselves. So any help given, especially when it is so easy to get that help should always be appreciated!

Not only is this a very useful and important tool with a lot of potential but the market that Vinnd is aiming for is huge! It is a global market which is only increasing in size as more and more people become aware of how important it is to take care of ones body.

Can you guess how many people in the world that are trying to lose weight? Around 49%! Meaning nearly half of the human population! Now that is a lot of people and potential clients!

Can you also try to guess how many people on average that use diets as a mean of losing weight? It is a whopping 75%!

It was Hippocrates who said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Vinnd will help you to get there by better understanding your body and what it needs to be utilized at full potential!

By combining express blood test with an intelligent database Vinnd really is out to help a lot of people to better their way of lives while at the same time becoming a trusted and global company. To me that looks like a proper win-win situation!

All it takes is a drop of blood and soon you will get a lot of information about your body and on how your metabolism works. This in turn will help you choose the best possible diet for you so that you easily can change your lifestyle for the better!

I am positive that if Vinnd delivers on this great potential and market then they will have something really incredible going for them! What do you think?

The project is very young at the moment but it looks promising! Do not miss out on this but make sure to read up on it and form your own opinion!


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