xp coin whitepaper

XP Coin Whitepaper

XP Coin is an upcoming coin with good potential. They have updated their XP Coin Whitepaper and I recommend everyone to read it. If you like what you see then buy into it because their developers are working very hard to further the coin.

This is their own words in the intro to the XP Coin Whitepaper:

XP, the decentralized cryptocurrency, aims to introduce this function into life in a way that makes it both simple and intuitive to build XP rewards into daily living. Whether it is through the mechanism of XP being given as a reward for game play, as it would be used in a more conventional sense, or XP being given as a component of the gamification of reality, the practice of awarding XP for use in the real world presents a tangible solution to some of the problems endemic to today’s somewhat abstract and disconnected reality. Through building this bridge between a user’s everyday life and the blockchain-based world of XP, a new and brighter future blending cryptocurrency and life can be built.

The XP coin targets a big market. In 2016, gaming represented a total market valuation of US$99.6 billion, with an 8.5% growth rate over 2015. 58% of all growth in gaming in 2016 occurred in the Asia-Pacific Region.

But they also target other massive markets such as the markets for tourism, entertainment and social media.

After spending a lot of time in their Discord I have seen how hard they work how good their community supports them. For me that is two very vital things that make or break a coin.

So read the XP Coin Whitepaper, join their Discord channel and do your own due diligence in order to decide if you should buy it or not.

I own about 1.6 million XP coins and I am holding them for a long time!


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