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The Best Combo (0 investment to trading in 1-4 days)

Proof of withdrawalProof of deposit
  • Step 1: Signup for Coinpot.co and get your address.
  • Step 2: Use the following faucets[ 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 & 6 ] they auto-deposit to your Coinpot account.
  • Step 3: Convert all different cryptos to 1 crypto and withdraw it to a trading exchange. (Coinpot has 0 convert fee)

CryptocurrencyTickerWaiting TimeLinkRanking 0-5
CypherCYR4 HoursLINK5
BitcoinBTC0.5 Hours (30 Minutes)LINK5
LitecoinLTC0.5 Hours (30 Minutes)LINK5
1337-Coin13370.5 Hours (30 Minutes)LINK5
1337-Coin1337 1 HourLINK5
Boat (Doubloon)BOAT3 HoursLINK5
421-Coin4211 HourLINK5
BunnycoinBUN2 HoursLINK5
CakecoinCAKE2 HoursLINK5
GoldblocksGB3 HoursLINK5
GoldblocksGB12 HoursLINK5
HalloweencoinHALLO0.5 Hours (30 Minutes)LINK5
InflationcoinIFLY0.5 Hours (30 Minutes)LINK5
InfocoinINFO1 HourLINK5
InfocoinINFO1 HourLINK5
InterzoneITZ1 HourLINK5
MooncoinMOON4 HoursLINK5
MooncoinMOON2 HoursLINK5
NetcoinNET6 HoursLINK5
PiggycoinPIG1 HourLINK5
VergecoinXVG1 HourLINK5
RippleXRP0.25 Hours (15 Minutes)LINK5
DASHDASH0.12 Hours (5 Minutes)LINK4
DASHDASH0.1 Hours (5 Minutes)LINK3
DASHDASH0.1 Hours (5 Minutes)LINK
DogecoinDOGE0.1 Hours (5 Minutes)LINK3
DASHDASH0.1 Hours (5 Minutes)LINK4
DogecoinDOGE1 HourLINK2
BitcoinBTC0.1 Hours (5 Minutes)LINK3
BitcoinBTC0.1 Hours (5 Minutes)LINK4
BitcoinBTC0.20 Hours (10 Minutes)LINK3
BitcoinBTC0.1 Hours (5 Minutes)LINK4
BitcoinBTC1 HourLINK3
BitcoinBTC0.1 Hours (5 Minutes)LINK2
BitcoinBTC0.20 Hours (10 Minutes)LINK4
BitcoinBTC0.25 Hours (15 Minutes)LINK2
RippleXRP1 HourLINK3
BitcoinBTC0.20 Hours (10 Minutes)LINK4
DASHDASH0.20 Hours (10 Minutes)LINK3
DogecoinDOGE0.20 Hours (10 Minutes)LINK2
DogecoinDoge0.20 Hours (10 Minutes)LINK1
BitcoinBTC0.1 Hours (5 Minutes)LINK2
BitcoinBTC0.1 Hours (5 Minutes)LINK2
DogecoinDOGE1 HourLINK5
DogecoinDOGE1 HourLINK5
DogecoinDOGE3 HoursLINK4
DogecoinDOGE0.1 Hours (5 Minutes)LINK4
DogecoinDOGE1 HourLINK5
DogecoinDOGE2 HoursLINK2
DogecoinDOGE0.1 Hours (5 Minutes)LINK3
DogecoinDOGE0.1 Hours (5 Minutes)LINK1
DogecoinDOGE1 HourLINK3
DogecoinDOGE2 HoursLINK5
DogecoinDOGE0.1 Hours (5 Minutes)LINK
DogecoinDOGE0.25 Hours (15 Minutes)LINK2
DogecoinDOGE0.1 Hours (5 Minutes)LINK2
DogecoinDOGE0.1 Hours (5 Minutes)LINK2
DogecoinDOGE0.1 Hours (5 Minutes)LINK2
DogecoinDOGE0.1 Hours (5 Minutes)LINK2
DogecoinDOGE0.20 Hours (10 Minutes)LINK2
MoneroXMR1 HourLINK5
DashDASH0.1 Hours (5 Minutes)LINK5


What is a Faucet?

A faucet is a service where you can go to a webpage and enter your address of different crypto currencies and you get paid in that crypto currency. So you get coins without paying,

Why do people create faucets?

It is a kind of marketing and a good faucet can bring a lot of visitors to your webpage. It also means that a developer of a coin can spread the coin to the public.

Doing so is good because when a lot of people have a coin, they usually want to use it and that will create a demand for the coin. The faucet is the supply and it is great publicity.

Is it worth the time it takes?

Sometimes it is and sometimes it is not. If you can find a new crypto currency and get some coins together that you hold onto, it really can make you earn a lot money from spending and investing nothing else but your time.

How do I use them?

You click the link in the list below to go to the crypto currency that you want to earn for free. On the page you enter the address and complete the task. When that is done you get your reward paid out.

When do I get paid?

Some faucets pay immediately but some wait until a lot of requests are filled so sometimes it can take longer.

How often can I claim my reward?

Different faucets have different cool down times, you can see the time for each faucet in the list.