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Info Coin – Potential For Growth and Free Giveaways

One of the many goals of this page is to let you know about coins that you can gather for free. This is the first post in that category and today we are focusing on INFO coin.

What it is?info coin

INFO Coin stems from a community that loves cryptos. It is all based around developing new things involving cryptos as well as supporting already existing projects and basically anything that can make cryptos more useful.

It all started with the idea about a community. Now the community is growing and it is now a international team of people with many different skills working together.

The goal of the game is simple: Bring Crypto to everyone through a helpful and sharing community.

How to get it for free?

There are actually many ways for you to get your hands on these coins without having to spend a single buck.

  • Discord – Socialize with awesome people and take part of constant giveaways on their discord server.
  • Faucets – Claim free INFO coins every hour, promo codes posted in discord.
  • Giveaways – On their forum you can enter big, big giveaways and if you are lucky you can win TONS of coins!
  • Mining – As with almost all cryptos, mining is still an option.
  • Scratch and win – Play their lottery game, for free, and win chucks of different cryptos.

Does it have potential?

Yes it does! This community is strong, kind and helpful but more importantly it is focused on the crypto. This gang can take this coin very far as long as they keep figuring out new way to use it, the community I am sure of will grow by itself.

It is currently listed on and in the process of getting listed at TradeSatoshi. In fact they have bounties for votes, so get in discord and start earning INFO coins for free!



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