Play And Win Crypto Coins (Mobile mining~)

Imagine if you could gain crypto coins simply from playing games such as the classic Snake. Wait, you actually do that!

We assume that everyone is familiar with old mobile phone game Snake. Right? Yes good!

So this website PlayForCrypto have that game but with a twist. And the twist is that you earn crypto coins!

The best part about is that you can play from your phone. So at night when you just want to play something before going to sleep, why not earn cryptos at the same time? It is awesome! And it really is that easy.

Signing up takes just a few seconds and there are NO costs or fees.

Sign up Now and start earning from any device you have that can connect to the page.


Everyone that signs up using our referral code will automatically be in the competition. All you have to do is to play the snake game and the top 3 scorers will win a prize 1 week from now (20 november).


  1. 5000 1337/FLAP coins
  2. 3000 1337/FLAP coins
  3. 1000 1337/FLAP coins

So go ahead and sign up to start earning coins from playing while having a chance to win the prizes! Winners will be posted here on the page.

Check it out!


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