Bitcoin has gone through still another leg upward, gaining 5% in the previous 24 hours . And while a few altcoins have was able to raise even surpass BTC, others are left hanging from the dry. Here we have a look at the 5 worst acting cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin so much in 2019.

Paradoxically, the 2nd biggest cryptocurrency concerning overall market capitalization has been decreasing in value from BTC.

ETH/BTC $180.102 +0.73percent is down about 14% up to now in 2019. But against the buck, ETH has managed to profit roughly 31 percent.

Meanwhile, the Ethereum’s system is facing rising competition, particularly now that Binance has declared the initiation of the mainnet of its decentralized foreign exchange Binance Chain.

Even though Changpeng Zhao has expressed his stance which Binance Chain does not mean to compete using Ethereum, it is completely possible that certain jobs might decide to migrate, particularly given the upside price possible already observed this season.

XRP $0.26077 +0.58percent is just another altcoin that’s undergone a remarkable fall in its value against Bitcoin. Since the start of 2019, the cryptocurrency has dropped nearly 40 percent when trading from BTC.

More alarmingly, XRP has also failed to capitalize on the whole market’s spike during the entire year as it’s diminished against the US dollar. XRP is down around 8.5 on this front too.

Based on a reports, Ripple is facing increasing competition from the face of’bankcoins’ like the first bank-backed cryptocurrency, JPM Coin, in addition to its nearest rival Stellar (XLM).

Bitcoin SV $133.337 +0.41% has seen better days albeit just present since November 2018. The altcoin is down 55 percent from BTC and roughly 30 percent from the USD.

This season has also seen around $450 million wiped off its overall market capitalization.

Bitcoin SV’s decrease was powered by its delisting from leading cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Kraken, after Craig Wright’s movement to sue consumers for calling him a fraud.

IOTA $0.23967 +1.03percent is a protocol known as the”next generation of distributed ledger technology.” Regrettably, fancy wording does not appear to be sufficient for its indigenous cryptocurrency, MIOTA, that can be down 40 percent from BTC.

MIOTA’s cost does not seem so much better when investing from the USD either. The cryptocurrency is down about 15 per cent, dropping roughly $120 million of its entire market cap since the beginning of 2019.

Regardless of the’constant developments’ summarized by its creator Justin Sun, TRX $0.01588 +2.53% has also failed to capitalize on the powerful performance of the cryptocurrency marketplace in 2019. While it has not marked any significant declines, the simple fact that it did not do well while virtually everything else has been surging is adequate.

TRX/BTC has dropped about 10 percent. Things are much better if looking at its performance against the USD. TRX has been able to gain about 35 percent since the start of 2019, which is possibly expected, given the total market rally.

In addition, the most recent rally has also managed to recover Bitcoin’s strength relative to the whole cryptocurrency market capitalization. Though being a somewhat bad metric, the Bitcoin dominance indicator currently sits at 53.2 percent indicating a rise of nearly three percent during the previous month.